FutureFit Building

We are a Philadelphia-based design and construction firm that crafts exceptionally beautiful, comfortable and functional places to live and work, both as adaptive re-use projects and new construction. We build to exceed today’s standards of sustainability and anticipate tomorrow’s, applying the most effective tools and techniques building science has developed.

Our clients share our passion for true quality and workmanship, our dedication to advanced, environmentally responsible construction practices and our pride in making a space that performs as beautifully as it looks — not just today, but for generations to come.

Founder and President Juan Levy brings joy, integrity, ingenuity, and a modern, yet personal sensibility to designing and building his light-filled spaces. Juan received his BS in Civil Engineering from Stanford University and Masters degrees in Architecture and in Civil Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania. He began working with energy conservation technology in the early 1980s, designing passive solar homes and performing full-scale building energy modeling, introducing clients to radiant heating and cooling systems, earning Green Roof Professional and LEED AP certifications, and, in 2015, completing Passive House Institute training and certification. He is a founding member of the Greater Philadelphia Passive House Association.

What is “Passive House” and how is it changing building standards?


A building should be as beautiful as it is functional, and as comfortable as it is beautiful. Our design sensibility pairs clean, modern spaces with sensuous natural materials. Our emphasis on bringing the natural world and the built environment closer together yields both aesthetic and pragmatic advantages.


Offering a full range of leading edge sustainability and energy conservation practices and capabilities, including Passive House principles, we build structures that physically embody the concept of value in their quality, efficiency and longevity.


Juan lends his 35 years of experience in architectural design, construction and development for residential and commercial projects to working as a liaison between clients and their architects or builders, as a design coach or technology consultant. A voracious learner, he proudly identifies as a technology geek (and lives to solve problems).


New priorities + new science = new standards.

Thanks to major advances in construction techniques and building components, we build so differently today that we’ve created a new word to talk about what we do: FutureFit building.

We are committed to green building. And sustainability. And, Passive House design. All of which means we’re building to a new level of environmental responsibility, efficiency and responsiveness. Most importantly, we’re building high-performing, long-lasting buildings that enhance their owners’ quality of life in multiple and significant ways — starting with how good they feel to be inside of.

FutureFit buildings deliver dramatically improved air quality and better control over interior temperatures and humidity. This not only feels more comfortable; it actually results in a healthier environment, including reduced allergies and asthma. FutureFit buildings are exponentially more efficient in their energy requirements for heating and cooling, making them astonishingly cheap to operate -- and better equipped to adapt to future changes in the climate and energy supply.

And finally, because they’re beautiful, durable and deeply loved by their satisfied owners, a FutureFit building is more likely to outlast others in its category, enhancing its value from day one. Not to mention, achieving a key goal in sustainability — reducing additional impact on the earth.

By combining a reduced demand for energy with on-site solar power generation, we strive to achieve “Zero Net Energy”. And, if power is interrupted by a weather event, a FutureFit building will remain bright, happy and comfortable. Circumstances may not always allow us to build a “certified” Passive House. But we can and do apply the principles of that and other cutting-edge techniques to every project we undertake.

And here’s the keystone of our building Philosophy: radically improved FutureFit performance costs very little extra, upfront. So why isn’t everyone building this way? They will. But we are at the vanguard of a historic shift in building principles and practices. It takes time for new ways of thinking and doing to become standard.

Thus... FutureFit: building to a new standard.

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